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Suria Investment Newsletter (SINLetter) is a free stock investment newsletter that explores various ideas and opportunities ranging from the importance of asset allocation to investing in water each month.

Model Portfolio Performance

Annual Performance
Dow S&P 500 SINLetter
2005* 0.89% 0.01% 13.92%
2006 16.29% 13.38% 60.80%
2007 6.43%
3.53% 19.67%
2008 -33.84% -38.48% -38.73%
2009 18.82% 23.45% 48.3%

* August 2, 2005 to December 31, 2005

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Most of the stocks, ETFs and options discussed in the newsletters and supporting investment blog also find their way into my personal portfolio. The objective of this newsletter is to provide you with unbiased initial research and basic facts about opportunities so that you can then research them further before deciding to add them to your portfolio or not.

Transparency in the form of a model portfolio that automatically updates itself during market hours and voluntary disclosures about my personal positions that also exist in the model portfolio, have helped set SINLetter apart from the day we launched this newsletter in August 2005. Even if you are currently not an active investor, this investment newsletter will hopefully give you a few ideas to ponder upon until you are ready to start investing.


Here is what some of our subscribers have had to say about the newsletter and blog,

“This is top-notch work; Well reasoned and rich with insight.” – Jake Rosser, Coho Capital Management, after reading Special Report #4

“I love the way you attack, discuss and provide a conclusion. So many of your peers talk the talk, then fail to actually lead to a decision.” – Stan R., after reading the blog post Is Toyota Worth Buying at Current Levels?

“I am still waiting to receive your Sep ‘06 newsletter. This is the only thing I look forward to read on first of every month other than my salary advice (paycheck).” – Ram N., when the September 2006 newsletter was delayed on account of my trip to Oregon

“I have learned a lot through making bad decisions or rash decisions. Patience is to be practiced and I try to be more and more as I get older. Many things I’ve read on your site, or links provided, have made a very positive impact in the way I think about investments.” – Kevin K.

“I was impressed with the style that (you) wrote with.  There is so much hype when it comes to investing, and your presentation of the investing information is not the norm.  Your presentation came across as personal, and to the point.  Your presentation of the facts was very professional, and was without a bunch of comical fluff.” – Bill M.

“First I would like to thank you for the time you take to frequently share your investing ideas, experiences, and stocks of choice. I, like many others, really enjoy reading your blogs and monthly Newsletter which has surely thought me a lot. Your exceptional track record is clearly a manifest of your ability to pick value stocks.” – Shoaib M.

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